Moving Made Simple: Understanding the Essential Moving Terminology

Whether planning a local move or preparing for a long-distance relocation, you must familiarize yourself with the key terms and phrases used in the moving industry. By understanding and speaking the language of local movers, you'll have the knowledge and confidence to navigate the moving process easily. 

This guide breaks down the essential moving terminology, from packing and transportation to storage and insurance. Don't let the jargon confuse you – let us simplify your move and empower you with the necessary knowledge to ensure a smooth and seamless relocation experience. 

Let's dive into moving terminology and discover how to communicate confidently with local movers.

The Complete Guide to Moving Terms

Moving can be stressful, especially when you hear never heard phrases. This could lead to unintentional hidden costs.

To make your next move easier, we've compiled a list of some of the most commonly used moving terms.

Additional Services

When you hire a local moving company, you may have heard the term “additional service” from a moving representative. This term refers to any additional services offered by your moving company, like helping you with packing and reassembling your furniture at your new home. These additional services are usually charged extra.

Appliance Dolly

You'll need an appliance dolly to move large appliances like a refrigerator or washer. These wheel workhorses can easily move heavy and bulky items from your old home into your new one.

Assessed Value Coverage

The term assessed value will be listed in the insurance policy provided by your moving company or where you rented the truck. If they offer this type of coverage, you'll have to give the moving company the value of your belongings in a lump sum. This coverage is different from others that calculate a value based on the weight of the shipment.

Bill of Lading

The bill of lading will be a contract with your moving company and a receipt. This document is essential as it outlines what services and costs the moving company will offer. You should read the document carefully before signing.

Estimates That Are Binding and Non-binding

A moving company will provide a flat rate based on how many items they are moving. The number of rooms in your home usually determines this. Non-binding estimates are more like rough estimates, where the movers compare your move with similar jobs they have done. If your move takes longer than expected, the price will increase on a moving day.

Cash on Delivery

The service provider must be paid in full when your items are delivered. You must pay in full when your items arrive at your new home.

Flight Charge

Do you live on the fourth floor of a walk-up apartment? A flight charge may be added to your contract. This is an additional cost for the number of stairs your movers must climb to complete the move.

Full Replacement Value Protection

Full replacement value protection is an insurance policy that covers all your belongings for their replacement value in case they are lost or damaged. If you purchase full replacement value coverage, you can be assured that your mover is responsible for any damaged or lost belongings.

Full-Service Mover

Full-service moving companies will transport your items to your front door, remove them from your home, and move them to your new house. They will then deliver the items to any rooms you specify.

Interstate and Intrastate Move

Interstate moves involve crossing state boundaries. Intrastate moves are those that stay within the state borders. An interstate move will cost more than an intrastate one.


You will need to ensure that your movers have several different licenses. These include those allowing them to transport household goods within or across state borders. For more information, check your state's requirements for moving licenses.

Linehaul Charges

Some movers will not give you an estimate that is binding or non-binding. Some moving services charge by linehaul instead, based on the weight and mileage of your moving items.

Long-Carry Charge

Your moving company may charge you a long-carry fee if they have to park a distance from your house. This compensates for the time spent walking to and from their truck.

Packing Service

You can hire a professional packing service if you want additional assistance boxing your home. The service involves movers packing your belongings before loading the truck and unboxing your items when you arrive at your new house.

Self-Service Mover

Self-service movers are a great way to save on moving costs. Self-service moving companies will provide you with a trailer, pod, or container to load yourself. They'll then transport it to the new house for you to unload.


You may require your moving company's storage for a brief period if you are making a long-distance move or traveling during your move. Storage-in-transit is a method that's commonly used. It usually has a 180-day limit.


A valuation, unlike insurance, is a quote offered by your moving firm. Only your moving company is responsible for any damages or losses. The valuation will not help you if a valuable piece of art is damaged by rain during the move. It would, however, cover any losses if the mover put their finger into the canvas when carrying it.


Whether planning a local move in Mamaroneck or elsewhere, understanding the essential moving terminology is key to a successful and stress-free experience. By familiarizing yourself with terms like additional services, bill of lading, full replacement value protection, and more, you can communicate more effectively with movers in Mamaroneck and ensure that your relocation goes smoothly. 

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