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Your Piano Movers

Particular tools and skills are required to move a piano securely and efficiently. Few movers can manage a piano transfer as efficiently as other specialty items.

We take the time at Movers Mamaroneck to thoroughly train our employees on the necessary abilities for a specialty relocation as demanding as a piano transfer. Our team has the moving experience to promptly relocate your item without injury or damage to you or your property and the tools and skills to handle and load these tricky goods safely.

When your piano arrives securely at your new location, you and your wallet will be glad you engaged the professionals.

Moving Services for Pianos

Pianos can be difficult to move due to their many pieces. The Mamaroneck Movers team has expertise in the following areas:

  • Moving Equipment for Pianos: Our movers provide hand trucks, blankets, and other protective wrapping gear to prepare your piano for the journey ahead.
  • Piano Disassembly/Assembly Services: To avoid damage during transport, we carefully remove and protect each component of your piano. Once your piano has arrived safely, our piano movers will unwrap the piano lid, lyre, music rack, legs, and other components before reassembling them in their new location.
  • Residential and commercial piano moving services: We'll transport your organ, upright, or baby grand piano to its new location, whether nearby or far away. You can trust Movers Mamaroneck to keep your keys safe.


When you choose Movers Mamaroneck, they are prepared with the knowledge and ability to move your piano with care. You may relax knowing that everything is safe during the packaging and transporting. Our crew can even keep your piano safe in our climate-controlled warehouse.

We Move Your Piano in the Following Ways:

  • Separately remove and package components.
  • Wrap, pad, and safeguard the instrument.
  • Load the piano onto the hand cart with care.
  • Place the piano in a moving truck, van, or container.
  • Transport to a new place in a safe manner
  • Reconvene at the new location
  • Assess and evaluate
  • Our skilled moving team wraps and lifts the piano with the utmost care, assuring its safety and protection the entire time.

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Most Trusted Piano Moving Company In Mamaroneck

Movers Mamaroneck strives to make your piano relocation as easy as possible. Among our services are:

  • Assembly and disassembly of a piano
  • Moving Services for Residential and Commercial Pianos
  • Moving Equipment for Pianos

Customers pick us as dependable and competent piano movers because:

  • We have years of moving and storage experience. 
  • We use clean equipment and safety gear for your belongings.
  • We can provide quick and straightforward estimates.
  • We are licensed and insured.

Do you want to learn more about how we can help you move your giant piano? Please fill out our quote form to receive your free estimate and schedule your piano transfer as soon as possible! Call Movers Mamaroneck at (914) 221-1345 today.