Counting the Cost: What You Need to Know About Hourly Rates for Movers

While every move is different, knowing the typical hourly moving rate before you begin looking for movers Mamaroneck can help you obtain the best offer.

What Is the Average Hourly Rate of Movers?

You can expect to pay between $95 and $200 per hour depending on the distance you're moving and the number of boxes, furniture, and other items needing moving.

The following chart will give you an idea of the average moving rates per hour based on your home's size. This chart can be a general guide, but you should get an exact quote before hiring your movers.

Home Size Average Price No. of Movers Ave Cost / Hr # Hours
Studio $278 – $ 599 2 movers $95/hr 2-4 hours
1 Bedroom $389 – $750 2 movers $95/hr 3-6 hours
2 Bedroom $750 – $1900 3 movers $125/hr 4-8 hours
3 Bedroom $1250– $3500 4 movers $165/hr 6-12 hours
4 Bedroom $1,400 – $5100 4 movers $165/hr 8-14 hours
5 Bedroom + $2500 – $8000 5 movers $200/hr 10-16 hours

There is no standard hourly rate for moving. Depending on the distance and location, costs might vary substantially.

You will also be asked to consider the number of items you own and your existing and future homes' size and specifications.

If the movers are required to carry boxes up or down multiple flights of stairs in your building, the cost may be higher than if you have an elevator.

What Factors Can Affect the Hourly Rate of Movers?

The size, weight, and distance to be traveled are considered when determining the hourly charge of most movers.

Other factors can also increase the moving cost per hour. These include:

  • Truck access: If you are moving from a house with a large driveway and parking available for moving trucks, this is much easier than moving from an apartment in the city without parking. The higher your overall cost may be if the truck has difficulty physically reaching your home.
  • Long carry: If the movers cannot drive the truck close enough to your house, they will charge an extra hourly surcharge based on the distance they must carry your items to the truck.
  • Elevators: If you're moving into or out of an apartment with an elevator, the movers will charge more because they have to move the furniture and boxes between your apartment and the elevator.
  • Packing and unpacking services: Many movers offer packing and to unpack as an add-on option if you need help with the packing process before or after your move. It could save you time but also increase the rate per hour of movers.
  • Furniture disassembly/assembly: Most movers charge extra if asked to disassemble larger furniture pieces and reassemble them in your new house.
  • Stairs: There may be an additional charge for stairs, whether renting an apartment without an elevator or buying a home with several levels.


When hiring movers, it is essential to know the average hourly rates and the factors affecting the overall cost. You can guarantee that you get the most excellent offer for your moving needs by using this information to assist you in making informed selections.

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What is the cost of moving labor?

Moving labor costs will vary depending on many factors, including the distance to be covered, the weight and amount of items being moved, etc. Moving labor costs per hour average $30-40.

What is the average cost of a move?

Your movers' hourly rate will be determined by various factors, including the distance to travel and the weight and number of boxes and furniture you need to move. Prices will be based on the amount of work the movers must do. For instance, the cost will be reflected when the movers carry boxes up and down many stairs. You can expect to pay between $95 and $200 per hour for your move.

What is the cost of moving long distances?

The average cost of a long-distance move (generally defined by the US as more than 100 miles) will range from $2200 to $5700. The cost will depend on the distance and weight of the items to be moved.

What is the most affordable way to move?

It is cheapest to hire professionals to pack your things and move them. Instead, you can get your closest friends or family to help.

Renting a U-Haul or truck will cost you less than hiring movers. Renting a moving box that you can load and unload yourself and only pay for delivery is a lower-cost option.

What is the standard tip for movers?

You can tip however you like, but generally, it is recommended that you tip between $6 and $12 per hour for each mover. Don't forget the driver too!

Why should you hire movers?

If you have the money and want peace of mind, hiring movers to move your things is worth it.

You can hire professionals if you have valuable and breakable items. They will know how to transport and pack them without damaging the item.